On the evening of 2nd December, fashion royalty came out in all their glory for the 2019 Fashion Awards, held at the Royal Albert Hall. Their mission – to celebrate all that is best in fashion excellence and innovation.



Oliver Cheshire, British model and designer, went fully bespoke for the occasion, wearing a Jack Davison Bespoke shawl tux. We had a lot of fun creating this with Oliver and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Midnight blue, double breasted and cut from the finest mohair, this piece is all about the satin shawl lapel with its luxurious width and deep drop, which sweeps beautifully across the body.



Together we decided on a rope shoulder, silk jet pockets, and four buttons. The trousers, with the classic stripe along the outside seam, are a little wider than customary, a look which we believe is making a comeback and which Oliver demonstrates perfectly. We added the bow tie and shirt, and advised on footwear. All in all, we think Oliver and Jack Davison Bespoke prove a winning combination.