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Why choose a made to measure suit vs one off the peg?

A made-to-measure suit offers several advantages over an off-the-peg suit. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose a-to-measure suit:

  1. Better fit: The biggest advantage of a made-to-measure suit is that it is tailored to your exact measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. This means that the suit will sit more comfortably on your body, look better, and be more flattering.

  2. Customisation options: With a made-to-measure suit, you have more options to customise the suit to your preferences, such as choosing the fabric, buttons, lapels, pockets, and other details.

  3. Quality materials: Our Made-to-measure suits are made with higher-quality materials than off-the-peg suits. This is because made-to-measure suits are usually hand-crafted by skilled tailors who take pride in their work and use only the best materials.

  4. Value for money: While a made-to-measure suit may be more expensive than an off-the-peg suit, it can offer better value for money in the long run. A well-made, well-fitting suit can last for many years, and you'll likely wear it more often than an off-the-peg suit that doesn't fit as well.

Overall, if you want a suit that fits perfectly and is tailored to your exact specifications, a made-to-measure suit is the way to go.