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Merlot Wool Blazer - A festive merlot wool blazer with a few special twists - we’re thrilled with how this one has turned out. 


11oz pure  wool from Drapers, one of our Italian merchants.


Jack Davison Bespoke  

The details on this piece are pretty special. We chose a soft, non-padded Neapolitan shoulder, which gives a subtle ruche around the sleeve caps. Single breasted, with a notch lapel and patch pockets, we went for the ‘three roll two’ style: three buttons, the top one is hidden under the lapel roll, the middle button used for fastening, and the bottom left undone. What’s more, we chose a Milanese buttonhole for the lapel, which is an extra special, hand-sewn hole, a true sign of craftsmanship and identifier of a bespoke-made suit.  

When to wear: 

To the Christmas party! It’s a wintery jacket, warm since it’s made of wool and comfortable with those soft shoulders. It’s fairly relaxed, soft and Italian looking; we think it could be pretty versatile.

How to wear:

The jacket offers quite a few options when it comes to trousers; you could perhaps go for a classic navy hopsack or fresco, or otherwise a dark charcoal flannel. We think it would look great with a roll neck, and finished off with a pair of suede loafers or brogues.