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Forest Green Wool Jacket

A fresh forest green for the new year, this versatile wool jacket will take you through from winter into the green shoots of spring. 


11oz flannel twill, from Drapers.


This piece epitomises the smart-casual look, with its single breasted front, peak lapel and one button closure. We kept it simple with two straight pockets and a soft shoulder – just a thin pad to keep it looking smart but unstructured. 

When to wear:

The flannel lends this jacket warmth, but not overly so; this could take you through from January to April, so is beautifully versatile. It’s one that can be worn about town, for those days when you don’t want to wear a full suit but still want to maintain a relatively smart look. The colour adds a distinctive touch, we think.

How to wear:

This is a really easy one to style. We like the idea of wearing it with dark brown trousers or cotton chinos, but grey and navy would definitely also work. Along with a grey flannel shirt, grey cashmere tie and dark brown shoes, this makes everyday dressing just that bit more special.